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Hi its not betta but might aswell try.
Feel free to delete my ad, my feelings wont be hurt heheh.

I have acquired myself a few axolotl juvies around 2 inches long
For Sale for $40 in Calgary.
Currently no pet stores in Calgary (that I know of) offer them. And if you buy them online it will cost you $100+ Shipping this awesome pets alone is $75+.
So you are saving money
they are small enough that you will get a way of keeping them in a smaller tank but as soon as they reach adult size you will need to move them to a minimum 10 gallon tank.
they don't require heater
Sponge filter is recommended if you don't have one I advice not putting a filter until you get a sponge filter.
Currently eating chopped up Bloodworms.

Leucistic Axolotl $40
PM me if you're interested.


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