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Baby Betta Boy & First AB Purchase!

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I'm so glad my first AB purchase was from a US breeder who lives super close to me. I won him Saturday night and he's currently floating in his temporary home acclimating as I type this on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't have to wait long at all. So, I've got an unboxing video for all of you and some photos.

Quick info blurb before I get into things:

First, I know I say betta wrong in the video. I know perfectly well it is pronounced beh-ta, not bay-ta. I've just said it wrong for so long (since I was 10 and didn't know any better) that I can't seem to change it in my vocabulary.

Secondly, in the photos. Yes, he is in a Starbucks cup. I find it easier to acclimate/float fish in a cup than a bag so my husband (who works at Starbucks) brought me home a nice, clean, unused cup that I rinsed well. After the pictures were taken his lovely little cup was settled down into his temporary 1.5 gallon home to start the acclimation process.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Fish was bought on from seller Betta_afinity (yes, only 1 "F")
Her feedback page:

I'd highly recommend her as a seller. Well packed for current weather, extremely reasonable cost-wise, beautiful fish!

Sorry for him being a little out of frame when I'm trying to show you things, my little point and shoot is so tiny (I mostly use my big ol' DSLR) it's hard to figure out what to point things at! Also, sorry about there being so much of my ghostly legs involved, ugh XD


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he is GORGEOUS, not a lot of people could see the cellophone LOVE Xp i do
He looks happy and healthy (and adorable). Congrats!
He's got gold/yellow parents and is super shiny. At only 4 months old I can't wait to see what Sméagol turns into. (yes, his name is Sméagol, all my bettas are gonna be hobbits, lol)
Awww, cute little Betta! He looks like my male Betta Gary... RIP. Good luck and have fun with your new fish :)
Thanks Kitty! :3 He's so tiny, it's gonna be great watching him grow up!
Cutie!!! Does he have a name?
-gasp- a cellophone!!!!! :eek: Like Voldemort was xDD Love that coloring...
His name is Sméagol. I'm naming all my bettas after hobbits :3
His name is Sméagol. I'm naming all my bettas after hobbits :3
Oops... I missed that in your post...sorry...
Oh my gosh, he looks so much like my precious Toffee! If he's anything like Tof though you'd better prepare yourself for a lot of spunk!
His name was in my second or third post, so I'm not surprised it was overlooked, lol

His feistiness was mentioned in his auction description and the seller was not lying! The little guy was flaring and dancing at my finger almost as soon as I tipped him and his water into his little cup for acclimation, lol!
haha that's good though =D
Also, he's very interested in me because of having received so much attention from his breeder (An unfortunate electrical disaster made him the only surviving male from his spawn!). His little googly eyes follow me around all over the place! It's great!
all the names from lord of the rings? lol he is a beautiful little guy
Not quite, only hobbits. Sméagol was a hobbit before the ring made him change into the creature that became known as Gollum. Yes, I am a nerd. lol.
heh heh googly eyes :lol: like my Red!!! such spunk and pays close attention to ya xD
Not only are his eyes extra googly looking, they're super shiny silver so they're very bright!
:eek: nice =D Who was it...hmmm....Jekyll!! he has blue in his eyes :3 my pale yellow has creepy black eyes :|

you lucky duck :lol:
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