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I have a few older tanks with nothing but plants and snails in them. It drove my friends nuts to see pretty planted fish tanks with no fish. So I was gifted Dennis, he is not as tiny and young as other baby bettas I have seen at Petco, he just looks like a smallish female betta at this point. I put him in a 3 gallon halfmoon tank I have been using as a java fern and java moss grow out tank and he loves it. He's just in there for now so he himself can grow out too. :laugh:

Water parameters are all fine and he is active, no clamped fins, coloring up a bright blue. BUT I got one problem.
I noticed his poop looked a lil bally (no white strings tho) so I just started giving him garlic just in case. To my surprise he LOVES raw garlic! I've never actually seen a betta go for garlic but man... he gobbles it down so fast. Butttt it's to the point he refuses any other food. He was purchased at a lfs so I'm thinking they might have been feeding him live food. I have bought several types of food- but he only eats blood worms (I know to limit this) and garlic :squint:. I have put out a container of water in my back yard to get mosquito larvae for him. Would this be enough for the little dude at least until I can find a pellet/flake that he likes?

Also I been crushing up everything super small and soaking it before I give it to him. So it's definitely just him being a picky boy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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