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Yep, wife and I are definitely that........"Baby Boomers" in our mid 60's and, most of the time (LOL), loving it. I'm retired and she still likes working, but has weekends off (party time). Live in Northeastern Florida, so, NO MORE shoveling snow!

Anyway, this is our FIRST aquarium. It's a Marineland Eclipse 5, 5 gallon hexagon, carbon cartridge w/Bio-Wheel filtration system and male betta (Stormy), 4 Ghost Shrimp, 4 live/1 artificial plants, Floating Betta Log and a small swim-thru décor inside. Had a Aqueon Mini Heater 10W, but made water too warm and took out. Cycled the aquarium w/Prime, TSS and our betta. He came out of it GREAT!!.

Like,, our betta, but getting a lap-dog will be next.

Other than taking care of "Stormy", we like powerboating, fishing, some travel, playing slot machines (when we can) and playing our Wii Game. I love to cook and that makes my wife VERY happy. Oh, and can't forget, we are big into Classic Rock (such as ELO, BTO, Heart, Queen, AC/DC), the old Disco stuff, Motown and the "Oldies".
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