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Back from LFS with new friends!

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So we've been to the LFS 3 times in the past week, deciding and keeping an eye out on their stock etc. Today we came away with 4 gorgeous Bronze Corydoras and an assassin snail to try and get some control over my horrible snail problem. Will post pics once they are acclimatised and have started to settle in. The tetras look very excited by the bag floating in their tank. Kyon has had a look but when he seen it wasn't food he swam off without a second glance.

Just a little question about the snail. Do they breed quickly like these stowaways have?
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Can't wait for some pics! :D
They are keeping to themselves at the moment so probably won't get a pic for a while. They are ever so cute though! I will be getting 2 more in a week or so when they get some more in. They only had 4 in when I went.
What do you feed cories?
They are omnivorous so need a mix of meet based and veg based foods. You can get cat fish pellets but they will eat any pellet or flaked food with occasional treats like bloodworm. You can also feed them fresh veg like cucumber. I just don't know how many pellets each they need. There's a lot of opinion on the net ranging from 1-2 pellets twice a day to 1 pellet a day! Can't find anything that's confirmed in an info sheet or anything.
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