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Bacterial infection

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I recently set up a sorority and now I have a bacterial infection. I only noticed it on one of the fish but it's very obvious, bright red ulcer on her head.

This site recommends a 100% water change. Ok great! I mention that to a friend and they freak because that will cause more stress and can make the infection worse. So now I'm confused. Help!

The tank is a filtered, heated 10 gal. There were 4 betta's but two got evicted due to ful on fighting (not nip and chase but drag out crazy fighting). I know you aren't supposed to have a sorority of two but they are spawn sisters and adore each other and until this clears up I'm not adding more fish. There are also three snails in with them. The snails are very small still.

Last night I did a 50% water change and added salt (1tsp/gal) and raised the temp from 76 to 78. They are still active, eating, begging for attention, etc.

Another question. The two females I removed are not showing symptoms. They are currently in 1 gal un filtered, unheated, tanks (according to the thermometers, they are holding steady at 74 degrees and this set up is temporary until I get my 20 gal set up). Should I treat them as well? They had 100% water changes on sunday and were due for 50% yesterday but mom was in town so I put them off until today.
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Is there a way to get a picture of said ulcer? And are you sure it's not a bite wound?

You don't want to do a 100% in a tank that is set up with a filter- what you would want to do is remove the injured fish and use the 1 tsp per gallon aq salt, daily 100% water changes for no more then 10 days to make sure the wound is clean and bacteria doesn't set in and infect it.

Definitely get more females asap.. as even though they are spawn sisters, their natural instinct is to be alone, and if not, set up territory. Having just the two will lead to problems. Unfortunately, sororities can be hard to maintain.. they may be fine for a while, months, a year.. but they tend to break down after a bit regardless if they are spawn siblings. Girls prefer to be alone when it comes to other bettas- we just do our best to give them a chance to get away from one another by adding in a lot of plants.. and I mean a lot.

Careful with the snails- the 3 will turn into dozens and they have huge bio loads. Would recommend bringing that number down to 1.

Do water changes daily in the home tank of 25-50% for the next few days- to every other day to remove the AQ salt from the water without hurting the cycle too much. Over exposure to AQ salt can lead to kidney/liver problems and failure.

Good luck with them.. if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
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Thanks for the help! I'm fairly sure it'san ulcer, I've seen them before, but i'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just a bite wound. Ill probably just pick up a few dividers rather than intro new fish. I've successfully done sororities before but I'm not sure now is the right time :). The tank is very heavily planted with silk plants and has a few caves.

And no the snails will not all be staying. Petsmart had them on sale so I picked up a few for my friend as well but obviously won't give them to her until my tank is healthy again.
I can try to get a picture but I only have a cell camera and she never, ever, ever sits still.
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