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I have a Bumblebee gobie that is not doing so well in my 37 Brackish water tank. (calling him a boy. Not sure what sex he is) He is housed with ten other BBS's and a Figure 8. Everyone else is doing fine but he seems to be struggling and now getting picked on by the other BBS's. I placed him in a homemade breeding net for now until he can get his strength back. Though I am wondering if he has wasting disease. Any thoughts on this?

Not sure if I should add all of the info. But everything in the tank is good. Ammonia Nitrites and Nitrates are all good. PH is around 8.0 and I have hard water. The tank is Cycled, been cycled for over 2 years now. I feed everyone blood worms, Krill, snails and shrimp. Being that it is only him looking this way, it's not the food I have been feeding them.
I started seeing him slowly lose weight in the last week or two. He is still eating but having trouble breathing at times. His fins are being nipped at due to the others picking on him. I think they all know he is weak. I hope he will pull through.


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