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Be careful what you wish for…

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About a week ago, I was thinking…I’ve never seen my Betta poop. Googled it to see what it looks like and where it comes from (saw so many things on the web). But I figured he must be pooping, because he never seems constipated or bloated looking.

Then low and behold… 2 days ago… it happened. As I was admiring my beautiful Azrael, I noticed something hanging by his belly/chest area. There he dropped a nice little poop as he was casually swimming along. And it slowly floated down to the gravel.

Fascinating… 🤣 sorry I had to share. If you could’ve only seen my expression. It’s funny because when I vacuum and something pops up he goes after it like a dog. Lol I realize that it’s not left over food but poop! Gross…
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