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Beautiful Wal-Mart find: Mustard Gas?

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I finally convinced my only other girlfriend that doesn't have a betta to get one: believe it or not we found this guy from Wal Mart! He's more than a little shy right now, so here is the best I can do.
He is blue, blue body, some of his fins are blue, and a lot of his other fins are yellow. Is that the characteristic of a mustard gas?
This is Menasseh!
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Thanks; I always make a point to do a little drive-by the wal mart fish section, even though my bettas have only come from Petsmart thus far. I babysat Menasseh for the night for my friend and he just looks so good! If I get more pictures of him soon, it will be to get a shot of his HUGE beard! He takes after his "Daddy," (my friend's boyfriend) lol
There ya go! Though my boyfriend does have a beard, our boy Zamboni doesn't compare... HOWEVER, my little girl Winnipeg has the BEST lipstick and if I should ever have a fancy event, therefore a reason to put lipstick on, I know where she got it from. :)
Thank you: best 4 dollars ever. :)
Thank you - again my friend's beautiful boy. She didn't believe me too well when I said he was a rare find- especially for a Wal Mart, cause I say that about my Cambodian Female, but then again I believe it for all of my betta from petsmart, cause I believe they are all rare finds. <3

She picked him because he was the first one that, "looked at her." Then, of course she had me look at him (I talk enough about these fishies) "Is it healthy?" she shoved him in my face. I take a look.
"So many bubbles," she said. Yes there was a bubble nest, "How do I know if its a male or a female?"
My answer: "You know how my Winnipeg has a little twing of a tail? And this guy has a big one? There's your answer. Besides, only males make the bubble nests."
She got upset with me later, "Oh! I didn't even notice the top of the cup said, "male" on it! You cheated!" Yes, okay sure I cheated.

~~Taking her to Petsmart today to get what she needs. I'm glad she's putting her faith in me for the proper care. He's in one of my one gal's now, but today we'll probably get a kritter keeper, thermometer, glass rocks, food and conditioner. I also gave her a clay pot that didn't fit in Winnipeg's tank cause she has a big cave. Since the dorm rooms at our school is scorching hot, a heater isn't going to be necessary for her until winter. (Though when she gets money she will buy heaters. I remind her how my first betta, Toki "froze to death." Broke college kids. ~~ He will be a well cared for fishy :3
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