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Congratulations! If you are reading this thread you are either a new or established fish keeper. I am yet to have a fish but I have researched it throughly. First ask these questions:
What fish do I want?
In this case we will say, of course a betta.

Will it be a baby? Your choice. You need to commit more to it because it needs special attention like every baby. But if you can it will be fun watching them grow. Again up to you.

Where will I home it?
If not continue on. Now here's the deal. Would you lock a dog in a closet?! NO! So get a tank because it is easier to clean and more spacious.

How big or small? I would say no LESS than 2.5 gallons or 6 liters. Here's why: It's not tiny and doesn't create large ammonia buildups quickly. It also fits in smaller places. Your choice if you want to go bigger. REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARE CHOOSING YOUR TANK FISH ARE LIVING CREATURES AND NOT DECORATIONS. Thank you.

Out of space for now!

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"Continued from last"

Filter? Again, your choice. Some say it's good because it inproves water quality. Others say that it will stress your fish. I really say that w/o a filter water changes are more frequent.

Heaters are a must. 75-80 degrees f 80 for babies. Enough said.

To cycle or not to cycle. Your choice again. If you really really want that orange betta but need to cycle a filter do either one of two things. 1 (better) Bucket cycling. Put the filter in a bucket and raise ammonia. 2 (uhhh)Fish in cycling. Not as safe but you get ammonia. Can stress fish. IF YOU DO OPTION ONE, WATER CHANGES ARE MORE FREQUENT BUT IS SAFER!!!!!

Food, a big desicion. Look at the first 3 ingredients. If any are PLANT material do not buy. Buy better, healthier betta.

Decorations? Yes, make sure they are safe though. Sculpey works if you want to make your own. Driftwood MUST be cured first. Bettas like to hide!

Substrate? Your choice.

Thermometers are a must as well as gravel vaccums

Out of space again!!!!!

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But wait....THERE'S MORE!!!!

Plants require more care but improve water quality. Again optional.

Meds are a must have!

Water conditioner is also a must have!

Stimulation? A good idea. Get a mirror or a floaty thing. Again it must be safe


"A towel, it says is the about most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have." (The Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) It is also true for fishkeepers.

Keep buckets and nets at all times!

Lid your tanks! Betta are jumpers!

Get a disease identification chart with diagnosis and treatment.

Stay on this site!!!! :)



That's all (for now)! Please comment on how good it is!

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