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Best deal ever!

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I just bought me a 48 gallon tank that my friend had laying around 2 hoods with lights and a marineland penguin 350 filter for $40.
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Tell me about it! We were talking about how my son wanted a fish and now we have 14, so after 15 minutes talking about it, he tells me that his that left a 48 gallon tank with filter so he ask me if i wanted to buy it for $20 but i felt that was kind of ripping him off so i offer him $40 and everybody happy.
I just finish cleaning it so, i am gonna put the fish i already have (1 betta, 3 spotted cory and 3 albino cory, 4 platy and 3 south american bumblebee catfish) Maybe you guys can help me figure out how to stock it and the best substrate.
WOAH! Where abouts do you live again..? ;) Just kidding!

Buying from friends is the best deal!
You are so lucky!
My wish is to get a tank larger than 29g...
If it were my tank, I'd fill it with driftwood and tons of live plants, and then I would get a school of colorful mid level water column fish such as neons or ember tetras...they get along well w/cories and they aren't manic enough to bother a betta and make him resort to violence.
I've been thinking about a planted tank but i don't know if i am ready for it.
Sounds like it could be a great project, I'm sure your fish will love it!
Post pictures once its set up!! It will look great I bet
It can be intimidating but it is so worth it! Check out the Aquatic Plant Forum...good advice and such esteemed aquatic Plant people as Tom Barr and Diane Walstad are on it and regularly contribute and answer questions!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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