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So sorry that you betta boy is having issues!!!

I use Hydor brand heater, and I got them from Amazon. I get the 25 watt version, as I only have 5 gallon tanks. I like them a lot because they are adjustable. I live in the deep south, so the temp ranges from day to day are ridiculous. I find that having an adjustable heater helps a lot.

Unfortunately, it looks like the 25 watt version is not available on Amazon right now.

Eheim Jager is a good brand and is highly rated. And they are adjustable, too. Hygger is a great brand as well and are adjustable. If you have to go with a 50 watt, as long as the heater is adjustable, I think that you will be ok. Both are available on Amazon.

You will have to take some time on the day that you put the heater in, and just adjust the temp as you need to. It will take a few hours to set it correctly, so you don't want to start off at a high temp. But once you get it where you want it, it should be good to go. The dials are not always spot on, so that is why you will need to spend some time getting it right.

Since you are getting a heater, you will need a good thermometer. I use digital versions. You can get those from Amazon, too.

Since your current tank is a 3.3 gallon, I would recommend doing 50% water changes every other day. Pristine water is the best defense against disease.

Also, I recommend using Prime water conditioner, if you aren't already using it. It actually will hold the toxicity of low level ammonia and nitrites in the water so that they won't affect your betta. If you don't know about the nitrogen cycle, you might want to read about that so you will know how that works.

I hope this helps!!! :)
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