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So I have a 3.3 gallon tank with a male betta that my grandma recently bought me, it doesn't have a filter unfortunately but my moms going to be getting me a 5 gallon with a filter soon. I was going to get the heater when I get the bigger tank but my fish has been a lot less active than usual and didn't eat yesterday or today so I think his water is too cold :(

He's still reactive and comes out to see me and looks at the food but won't eat it. I've offered him pellets, flakes, and today soaked some brine shrimp for him. He's just been lounging on top of his rock and in his hides a lot more than he was. I thought maybe he was just getting bored or something and didn't want to swim around but not eating is what's worrying me.

I've been trying to find a good heater but some of the reviews are scaring me because a lot on amazon seem to be killing peoples fish
Something on amazon would be easiest for me, I could order that right away. Or something on chewy? Does chewy have good fish supplies? I just want someone to tell me a good reliable brand. I could try to find them at a store but rather not go to Petco
Also what watt would be good? Will I be able to use the same heater when I change sizes or is that be too big of a jump?

Sorry I can't attach a photo of him, my camera is broken

Thank you for your time <3 I'm trying my best to take care of him with what I have, but wish I could've gotten more time to prepare because fish keeping is complicated!! Or at least way more complicated than people think. Any advice will be appreciated :D
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