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Betta and African dwarf frogs.

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Hey, I was wondering if any members have these together? I have three fantails Betta's, all of whom are alone other than a few shrimp. Today my partner brought me a dumbo who I've put into a slightly bigger tank that has already been cycled and has shrimp in it, I was thinking getting a couple of these frogs too but I'm really worried than my little guy might come to harm?Any advice about whether they'll be ok? Thanks.
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Many people have had great success keeping them together, myself included
If there's enough room for everyone to swim comfortably, it shouldn't be an issue. Dwarf frogs should be kept in groups of minimum 5, because they're very social animals. They also love caves to 'hide' in. I've had 16-18 of them in my 20 gallon (it was a community tank) and everyone did fine.
If you do a search for ADF or African Dwarf Frogs you'll find several dozen threads on the subject.

You need a tank of no more than 12" deep as they need to be able to get to the surface to breathe.
With any fish combination it's always wise to watch and see what happens. Some bettas do well with a variety of other fish. Some can only be in a tank by themselves.

If you're comfortable trying an ADF with a betta then go for it! But have a back up tank ready for either fish or frog should it not work out.
My buddy has them in his 45 gallon which is like 30 inches tall. They have no trouble getting to the surface - even the 3 legged one. I will admit that I told him they might not make it in the tank, but they have proved me wrong.
Wonder if the 12" deep rule is based more on how hard they hit the substrate? Seems to me any deeper and you'd have a lot of concussed frogs. :) I have two in a 20 long and that seems possible.
The frogs in my friends tank don't have trouble with the landing. I've not heard of a 12" rule, but I admittedly don't pay as close attention to frog stuff as i do other stuff. However, I recall people keeping them in all size of tanks. I've kept them in a 20 long and was super impressed with their swimming capabilities.
Mine can hit it pretty hard. The 12" deep rule comes from every frog forum I've found (not Yahoo or general forums). When I first got the ADFs I thought they were dead when they were in what I call their "Zen" pose and floating in weird positions. Their swimming abilities are amazing.

My community tank is right next to my end of the sofa so I can do a lot of observing of different interactions. The ADF don't bother any of the other fish or the shrimp and the Betta doesn't bother them.

How big is your tank? Some frog forums say they can be in less than a five but with the way they swim and putz around, I wouldn't put them in less than a five.

They are shy and do need hides and plants. You may also have to target feed them with long planting or reptile tongs or the Betta will steal their food. They do fine on frozen bloodworms.

Read this for information from those who keep them and FAQs:

BTW, this particular person says 18"-24" depth is fine. :)
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I have three in a community 29gallon (18" high) and they are doing great. They're very entertaining. I have a male betta and they don't bother each other at all.
I actually saw Esmeralda shed and eat her skin for the first time a week or so ago. Took about 10 seconds from start to "gulp." Weird!
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