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Awesome fish! I鈥榤 sure they will be breeding for you馃馃徏.

Would you mind providing a bit of background like tank size and layout, water parameters and food?
Well, first, sorry on the late reply.

Water parameter, I don't really take note. Sorry youngsters - always check parameters! But ph is around 5.5, temperature 25潞.

Tank size is 30cmx30cmx25cm. About the layout, you can see sweetgum - Liquidambar styraciflua; leafs of castenea sativa, banana - Musa and quercus robur. Branches of olive oil tree - Olea europaea L. (some leafs too), branches and roots of Rubus idaeus L., also branches and a piece of cork of quercus suber. Pool filter sand and a piece of Microsorum pteropus and some moss.
Its just a tanin mess 馃槄. Tank is about 6 months old.

About food. I only feed live food. Or white worms, daphnia, vinager eels, mosquito larva, blackworms, Palembus dermestoides, Enchytraeus albidus or brine shrimp.

Best regards,
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