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Thought I'd give this its own thread so it didn't look like I was trying to sell things in the art forum :)

I can do a nice artistic illustration of your betta from photographs! I can also do simple pixel art. For now I'm only considering doing betta fish, but any tail type or color combo is ok with me! Some example art is attached. Pricing is as follows:

: $15 for the first fish, $12 for each additional illustration, or per extra fish in the same illustration.

Pixels: $10 for the first fish, $8 for each additional pixel.

Example, you have 3 bettas you want drawn, either together in one drawing or in 3 separate drawings. The total price would be $39. 15+12+12.

  • Turnaround will be about a week, depending on how many fish you want drawn.
  • For illustrations you will receive a large image file by e-mail that you can do with what you like. For pixels you will receive a roughly 100x100px image, I can include a clean blown-up version with it too if you like.
  • Payment must be made in advance for first-time customers. I accept paypal only.

E-Mail ([email protected]) or PM me with inquiries!


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