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Mass production with the right tool and eye still produce healthy and quality fish.
Even two highest quality fish won't produce all quality fish
Btw I breed hmpk giant n planning to go into hm giant(these guy cost more to raise)
15 is the wholesale price only for hmpk giant(that if you know people)
Retail for a hmpk giant is 25-100 a fish
Hm giant range from 50-150 a fish
The market of giant is very low since y pay 2-5 time as much for a fish with the same look but only a inche or 2 bigger.

Ok let punch in the number.
If you have a batch 200 (hmpk dragon spawn)
In three month u can move everything for 2 each that 400 which - the cost of caring is 60 which u can pull in 340 in three month x that with 5 pair it 1700
If your willing to hold all the fish until you get the amount you want.
Only a small portion will be sold @ a good price then the price will continue to drop since the quality of what left with drop.
Which it will cost you more in the long run(time and space equal money when breeding)
Good Thai middle man people move about 800 give or take fish a month
Yeah some Thai farm have over 100 pound which they can produce 20000 fish in three month.(which they can establish new line quicker and improve the quailty)
Bottom line is that us market can't compete with the Thai market.
Other then that just enjoy breeding and achieving your goal.
Don't let it become a profit n enjoy the hobby.
Can you spell a little clearer?
Great idea, psiflow!
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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