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Well, I'm say this based on my experience. I have Hendras. Waiting on a friend in order to have betta channoides.

Usually, wild bettas can be housed in pair or groups........of the same species

From what I saw with my Hendras, when I had them in one tank alone, had no problem breeding them. I then moved them into to a larger tank divided in two, and in the other part, some Albimarginatas. Dividing the tank was just a glass. The Hendras did not breed a single time and where always hidding, while in the Albimarginatas part, the males where always holding.

So I think you might be able to breed the Channoides but not the Hendras. In terms of cohabitation, you might not get any problems. Although, the Channoides, despite beiing more layback, the dominant female gets more territorial. Probably the same with the Hendra male.....but in a "29 gallon heavy planted tank" you might not even see them 😅.

Give us feedback.

Best regards,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts