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So got these bettas a week ago, and if everything goes well I’ll try to breed them after conditioning them for a while.
The female is a veil tail that looks to be a bluish marble with a pinkish/purplish mix colored tail. I’m just looking for more clarification on her coloration as I am still not very good at identifying colors/patterns. *I already know her head and topline is not ideal especially her head shape, luckily the male I am breeding her to has a nice head/topline which hopefully should improve the fry in that area.
These pictures aren’t the greatest as I am still improving my ability to get good pics of them in decent lighting. They’ve also colored up and improved a bit condition wise since these pics were taken as they were taken right after I got them,
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This is the male I got. His information only said that he was a plakat male. Which I’m pretty certain he is a copper Berta, but I’m not sure if there is anything else you’d use to describe his coloration. Also he looks to be a half moon plakat to me, would you guys say that is an accurate assessment?
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Thanks for your help!
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