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I'm not sure which category this belongs under, but since this one pertains to habitats and equipment, I'm hoping this is the right place.

My baby sister has had her betta & tank-mates for 4 months, and everything has been going well. No incidents out of the ordinary. But yesterday all her fish boiled to death. She had a VT betta and a few neon stripe tetras. I had put a strip thermometer against the bottom right hand part of the glass and there was no reading on that. The tank it's self was too hot for me to touch comfortably, let alone clean up the poor fish.

At first, I thought it could've been the heater that malfunction. But as I was cleaning out the tank & taking everything apart, I noticed that the area on the filter that controlled water current was giving off a terrible odor. So now I'm thinking it was the filter. Maybe?

Has this ever happened to anyone before???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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