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Betta Fins are Spliting

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Recently I bought my Betta a bigger tank (1.2 gallons) so he could have more space to play around. When I was checking on him this morning I realized his tail fin split!:-( It was only a little split though and it was occurred quite recently. I know that it probably isn't the water. (conditioned & treated) One unlikely possibility would be the filter but it has very low power. Another possibility would be the décor/gravel but the fake plants are fabric so I don't know what caused it. I feed him HBH Betta Bites (which are supposed to be very nutritious) along with Bloodworms. The other thing is that he seems even more active and healthy compared to when he was in his old tank. (If I didn't find the splitting fins, I would think he is much healthier even!)Is there any way to help him heal? (medicine/water treatment etc.)
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My Emiko did that too! (as you can see in my avatar picture.) When I bought him, he had a little hole in his fin and... well, it split entirely in half. Splitting can be caused by a betta flaring a lot, so it might not have been anything in your tank! And I suggest putting a bit of aquarium salt in his water, that's what I always do for my guys.
OK thanks, I'll try that!
He'll probably heal up just fine like my guy did :)
I hope that it would heal! :)
another question. Will the fin keep on splitting or will it heal back together?
Oh nooooo I never saw that you replied ;-; But well, my guy's fin just started mending back together so it shouldn't keep on splitting. But then again, my fish's was split almost all the way so there was no where else to split more lol.. but I think it will start growing back together..
Betta tails share a lot in common with pantyhose, the harder you make them work the more likely they are to get the occasional run in them.
if it was a tear then wether he gets more will largely depend on if it was a freak accident or if something in the tank snagged him, have a good look at his toys and see if anything looks rough (run pantyhose over his cafes, if it snags the pantyhose it can snag him too)
The other common way a betta can get a split is from flaring too hard, commonly called a blowout. Both of these will heal up on their own over the next two or so weeks.
Thanks for the advice. Sorry though for the late reply...;-) My beta healed up just fine :-D
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