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An estimated of a 130 fish and inverts and 16 canaries.
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Betta picture contest!
This is not an official contest sponsored by or any affiliates. No staff members are involved.
How to enter: Post a clear picture of your betta and please state name and sex. BF rules apply.
*Winners with the most reactions/likes wins!

1. Please do not comment in this thread, I would like to keep it a picture only thread
2. Please, do not judge one another's picture
3. Multiple pictures are allowed but Please, only one picture per post
4. Owners must take pictures of their bettas themselves
5. No pictures of off the web or other websites
6. No professional photo's. please.

Winners will get a painting on paper of their winning betta!
Contest ends at the end of each month.
*I will cover the shipping costs.

Thank you and have fun!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts