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Hello, I'm very sorry to see your fish in this state.
What you are seeing is an extremely advanced ulcer.
This is usually caused by the fish being cut by something, and bacteria setting in.
Very common in pond fish, your betta probably cut himself on something in the tank.

This is pretty serious.
The white you are seeing is dead flesh... For pond fish the only solution is to scrape this dead flesh away, as it is blocking the new flesh from returning... Followed by a good bacterial drug.
If you are uncomfortable doing this... Euthanasia may be your only other option.
First, maybe reach out to your local pond community to see if anyone has dealt with this before.

It is normal for an injured fish to act normal.. As this is a flesh wound, it is generally believed that they don't feel what's going on, as a fish's nervous system is much simpler than ours and they don't feel pain like we do.
Hope it works out for you.
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