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I've had my male for about a year and a half, and I've only seen him flare once, at my female, after he hid for a good 30 minutes, when his old tank was temporarily next to hers while I was setting up his new tank. Usually, when he sees his reflection, he runs and hides. Sometimes he plays dead (yes, this is actually something they can do I have found out - they just get extremely still, with barely any perceptible movement). He still hides to this day when he sees his reflection, but he is a terrible scaredy cat, EVERYTHING freaks him out. His weekly water changes send him into hiding for several days. Moving things around outside of his tank usually make him hide for the better part of a day, if not more.
That being said, most are not like my male and will flare after they settle in, on the other hand, some are just really male, and don't ever really flare, it just depends on their personalities.
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