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Betta fish injury

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Hey guys, I am brand new to this site. I had joined to ask some questions about my sweet betta fish.

I had bought a Top Fin Betta Fish (2.5 Gallon) tank for my Betta I have own year (Alfred) (Alfred had a .5 gallon tank for a year so my fiance thought it was time for an upgrade) and my new one (Skittles). I hadn't looked at any reviews because it was kind of an impulse to buy. Which was very very very stupid of me. I bought Skittles and the tank two days ago, and I put everything in their new tank. Everything was perfectly fine, besides the fact that they stared at each other. So I thought, maybe they're not used to it? Maybe they're wondering "What is this wall!?" But today after finally calming down about having two fish in the same tank with a wall in between them, I went to check on them and Alfred was in Skittles' side. I panicked and grabbed Alfred's cup (the one he came in from the store) and scooped him up right away. Also, Skittles is a lot smaller then Alfred (About a 1/3 of his size). I found Skittles on Alfred's side hiding in the sunken log. I took them bought out and Skittles seem to be doing just fine. Swimming around in his old cup happy as could be.

We figured that Alfred must have jumped over the top somehow or he slid through the gap (we didn't know about) in the back. We couldn't tell which, but we knew Skittles must have gone through the back gap. We decided to put them in different tanks, Alfred got his big 2.5 gallon and skittles got Alfred's old .5 Gallon tank.

Now the issue (sorry for the long back story. Have a lot of anxiety over this.) Skittles is swimming almost on his side. His back tail is curving inwards and he's tilting over. Skittles is also swimming like crazy, every now and again he'll start rushing around. Then after his bust of energy, he leans up against the glass and just lays there and doesn't move. I am panicking and suggesting so many things to my fiance, did Alfred injury him?! Did he get hurt sliding through the gap (which was big enough that my pointer finger fit into. :x :-| ) I really don't know what to do. It's not like a dog, there's no vet I could take him to. If I brought him to a vet they would probably just laugh. Alfred is swimming just fine, so I am not to worried about him. He's acting like his normal self. It's just skittles who's worrying me. He was desensitized to other males because of the pet store keeps them so close.

Thank so much for listening to my story. I really hope someone knows how I can help my fish and can calm my nerves.

Skittles is on the left, Alfred is right.

Skittles right afterwards

Sorry, these are blurry but this is what I mean by on his side it's hard to tell but the first one is with his tail curl and the second one is him on his side swimming.

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