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Betta Fish Noob Questions!

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Hello fellow Betta lovers!! I am new to the Betta world and learned that Betta's can help people with anxiety and depression problems. So I decided to get a little Betta friend to take with me to college and keep me company. I know most of the basics but I have one main problem. I don't know what kind of tank to get! My question is:

What are the best/worst Betta tanks you have ever obtained? :frustrated:

What is a good 3 Gal or less tank that I can bring to college? I would prefer it to have a filter and bubbler.

Please help me! I am a poor college girl! :oops:
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Here are some tanks that I like most don't come with bubblers some don't even have filters but both can be easily bought!!

3g critter keeper. I have 2 of these and they work great!
2.5 glass tank
3g marineland crest

If you can I suggest getting a 5g they aren't much bigger and are easier to find plus they are better for the betta and require less mantaince not much less though...

If you can try to find something long! bettas need more length than height. I think deep blue professional makes a 18in long 2.3g tank but it's divided into 5 sections so you'd have to remove them all so your fish would have the right amount of space! I'm sure your on a college student budget so you probably can't afford that tank...
Personally my favorite small tank is the 2.5g from Petsmart. I have one on my desk at work. I don't filter my less than 5g tanks, its easy for me to do the twice weekly water changes.
Here's the tank:
I agree with jesssan. Try to get a 5gal (preferably glass) tank and a sponge filter (with a sponge filter, you don't need a bubbler). That will be easier and safer for a new keeper to cycle. And easier to maintain in the long run.
My worst tank was the Baby Biorb. It leaked from the bottom and the design made it difficult to keep clean. The curved walls made it difficult to vacuum the gravel, and every time the filter was replaced debris that had been trapped underneath was released into the water.

I replaced it with a plain glass 5.5 gallon aquarium with a hood made by Deep Blue. I am using a Marina S10 filter, which works well because the flow is adjustable and isn't too strong for my betta. I am using a Hydor slim heater for bettas and bowls. I removed the airstone because the current was too strong. So far this set up is working much better than the Biorb. I've had a few issues with algae since I added live plants, but my water parameters are consistently good and my betta is doing well.
Try the BettaBow 2.5 gal! It comes with everything you need but the bubbler. Even comes with a food sample that lasts forever! I have two and i love them. Bubbler with pump and tube probably comes to about 20 bucks. The tank kit is on sale right now too!
A 5 Gal isn't much bigger than a 3 Gal really? I thought a 5 Gal would be too big for me to take back and forth from college. (I travel almost 2 hours) I do prefer a tank that has more length than height. I am on a huge budget, my mom is paying for the tank and a couple other things because I don't get my money till Sept. Dx Also I never heard of a sponge filter before. o.o
@jesssan I like the 3g crescent tank. I was actually looking at a similar one earlier.
@Alyssa I was actually looking at that tank earlier! I think that is the one I am going to go with :D
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