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All the people who keep the betta fish, either ornamental or complaint knowing ketapang leaves. Ketapang leaf does have an important role in the maintenance of betta fish. Leaves ketapang often regarded as holy water to heal Disease betta fish. Basically, the assumption is not appropriate. That is because betta fish to normalize pH of water so as to achieve ideal point. When it reached the ideal point then the fish will live comfortably so that their health is affected.

Most of the tropical ornamental fish living in rivers and lakes. The most favorable environments and comfortable is black water. Balack water is water that is colored yellowish brown. Thus colored water has a high content of organic elements.

Betta fish that live in the water bath ketapang we will find a more beautiful, healthy, and attractive. This is because the condition of the water in accordance with aslinhya habitat in the wild.
ketapang trees tall figure and somewhat resembles a pagoda shape. So many branches and lush with leaves fairly wide. If the aging leaves will change color from green to dark red to brown and finally dry.

Ketapang in scientific language is Terminalia catappa, better known as the tropical walnut, Badamier, walnuts Java, amandier de Cayenne, wild walnut, Indian almond, myrobalan, Malabar almond, Singapore almond, Huu kwang, Sea almond, kobateishi). Tree leaves PADSA ketapang produce toxins that are useful to protect from insects and parasites. Therefore we will not find ketapang tree attacked by pests. The leaves are dry when submerged in water will produce a golden brown colored water. Water contains organic acids such as humic and tannic.

Ketapang dried leaves produce organic acids such as humic and tannic. Ketapang leaves are also useful for lowering the pH of the water. This will create ideal water conditions for our betta.

Tannic and humic useful for killing bacteria. Humic also could condition the metal content is excessive and harmful to the fish. Water leaves ketapang have detoxifying effects on betta fish. If excessive in its use will lower the pH of the water in an unstable condition and is jeopardizing the health of fish.

Myth ketapang soaking water as ‘water magic’ is not appropriate. Leaf immersion ketapang given either ornamental betta fish fins in order to stay beautiful and awake. :)
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