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Betta fish sinking to bottom?

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My betta is a female veiltail so she struggles with swim bladder a lot. I started a treatment for fin rot since she had that and I used tetra life guard since AQsalt wasn't working. Sunday night after the five day treatment I changed her water. She was acting fine after that, happy and such. I have three plants and a heater in her 1/2 gallon rectangular plastic tank and rocks. That night I noticed that she was acting funny and havjgn trouble swimming. I saw her tempersture was really low so I turned on the heater hi king that was the problem. That didn't help anything. She still try's to come over to me when I go near her tank and stuff but she sinks to the bottom and looks like she is having trouble breathing.... Her feeding schedule has been off but I'm going to start that up again. Any insight on what is going on?
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I would test your water & see if somethings high like ammonia that might be making her sick. After you take a sample of the water do at least a partial water change. Do you know if your tap water contains any metals or ammonia that could be effecting her? Maybe test your tap water as well.
She might be sick with something unrelated to the water but I will leave that to the experts.
I will test the Mmonia tomorrow but I doubt so since I just did a full water change Sunday. My tap water conditioned has always been fine. Thank you!!
Does she sink like a stone?

It does sound like SBD disorder to me.

I would add 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt per gallon of water. This helps with constipation.

As for food, you need to be very picky with what you feed her. My female gets bloated extremely easily as well. I feed her Omega One Marine Micro Pellets. They are super tiny and she doesn't get bloated from eating them. Do not feed her freeze dried or flake food because it will make her bloated.

unfortunately AQ makes bloating worse. Did you preform daily 100% water changes for the fin rot? That is the proper treatments since AQ salt only sterilizes wounds. It does not treat or cure anything.
I did do water changes daily when treating her, but it didn't work. So I tried tetra lifeguard and I'm not sure if it worked or not, only time will tell. And yes she does sink like a stone and I've encountered SBD before but she has always floated to the top before, not sink. I'm giving her till Thursday to see how she's doing then I'm gonna give her the pea treatment and then see how she does. And thank you. I'll try not to feed her freeze dried and flakes much anymore. I'll get those pellets too since the pellets I have she can't eat being too big for her.. Thank you!
Do not feed her peas. Bettas are insectivores and cannot digest plant protein so feeding them peas can harm their digestive track. Frozen daphnia is a better choice.

add 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt per gallon of water.
Is freeze dried the same thing? I'm not able to get frozen daphnia, but I do have freeze dried
No, do not feed freeze-dried. I said above to not feed freeze dried. If you cannot find frozen then don't worry about feeding the daphnia.
^ I agree about freeze-dried foods. It might make your betta all bloated because its so dry. I try to steer clear of freeze dried foods. I hope your betta gets better!
I got home today and noticed that there was cloudy water and pieces of plastic in the water. The heater was melting the plastic plants. I changed her water and she still seems to be having trouble breathing and swimming. She's laying on her side at the bottom now. I took out the plants and I put rocks in and the heater and thermometer. I'm also adding aquarium salt. I don't know what's going on but I hope she gets better at this change
I know the parameters are fine, I just did a water hange and out in aquarium salt. I've decided to not heat the tank anymore cuz I never did before and since I started, things have been happening. She still a tht the bottom of her tank, she has red gills (probs ammonia burns) and looks like she struggling to swim and breathe. I am extremely scared. It's been happenign for a while
I just changed her water and I think she is going to die. Her gills are like coming off her.
Squishay, my fish, has died. I will not need anymore posts but thanks for all ur help.
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