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A betta, a cat, and an approching-ancient dog
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hi, im going to preface this by saying i just joined and have not very much experience, but this situation spiked my curiosity and did a little research. i wasnt going to respond due to the lack of my knowledge, but no one has yet so i thought id say what i found.

a curve to the spine can we a growth defect when a betta is still young caused by ammonia poisoning i believe, and as you said he always had this so this could be the case. usually the curve can get worse with age, but the fact that it has got so much worse in so little time- im quite honestly not sure.

do you have any pictures of him before this curvature worsened? also, since hes currently not eating maybe try to place a pellet or two in garlic oil and then try and feed, if you have any available.

otherwise, everything seems great. only thing is your waters pH is a little high. bettas do best when the pH is closest to 7, but they can do just fine in a range of pHs around 7. i really dont think the pH is whats causing this issue though.

good luck, i hope someone more experienced can help you and your fish through this.
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