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Betta fish starving?

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I got a betta fish about 4 days ago and i'm feeding it flakes but he's not eating. he's really healthy and swimming around and such, but i'm afraid maybe he just doesn't like the flakes? Should i tr pellets, or dried blood worms?
and please don't mention anything about the tank size/heater/filter because i cannot upgrade anything i don't have that kind of money :)
Thank you so much xx
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Try pellets. Also, if it's a new fish, it might just be adjusting to its new surroundings.
I bought my betta just two weeks ago and due to bad advice didn't get him a heater or an adequate tank. As long as you can keep your fish in a warm room until you get a heater (I've seen people mention some quite cheap ones here) he should be okay for a short time in a small space. But he will need one soon. It'll also keep him healthier, as his little immune system won't be fighting the effects of being cold.

My fish also refused to eat flakes. I got him some pellets and he loves those. Brine shrimp and mosquito larva, too. Once he had his first mosquito, his eating issues were gone, and now he's like a little shark nomming on anything and everything -- except those flakes!
You 100% need a heater unless your house or room the fish is in is always at 76F. I lost a few fish very early because I didn't do the proper research! Small tanks are fine for them, as long as you do a 50% water change once a week and a 100% water change once a week :-D

Try Omega One Buffet pellets, they are very small and my fish GOBBLE them up! I also have Wardley pellets, they are larger and my large fish will eat them, but my smaller fish won't eat them. I also feed my guys freeze dried blood worms, they are 100% bloodworms, no additives.

Also, give him time to adjust! :)
Try New Life Spectrum betta pellets, or Omega One Betta Buffet as they are the top pellets out there (more ideal then flakes for a few reasons), and they are generally loved by picky eaters.
Bettas can take weeks to adjust and eat healthy once you bring them home.. just continue to offer the food twice a day, and remove any uneaten right away to avoid fouling up the water and causing ammonia spikes.

Freeze dried lacks a lot of essential nutrition and vitamins, and should not be fed as their main diet.. only as a treat once or twice a week.

If your tank is a gallon or larger then you can safely heat it for as cheap as $8.. anything under a gallon you cannot safely put a heater in it, as the risk of overheating is too great. Small tanks fluctuate too easily to heat properly.

You 100% need a heater unless your house or room the fish is in is always at 76F.
Tanks will be a few degrees cooler then the room temp, and that is being generous. A room kept at 78 will result in say a 2 gallon being between 69-72... too low for a healthy fish. In order to keep the water at the right temp using just room temp the room would have to be closer to the 90s.
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okay, hey guys, so i got some floating hikari pellets and now my fish is eating them but then spitting them out???
He is adjusting to them- that is how they chew (eat in, take off a bite, spit out, rinse and repeat). Sometimes if the pellets are too big they have to do that.. otherwise he may be trying to learn to eat a pellet.

Continue to offer- if you can, cut them in half. I tend to use my thumb nail and push down on my pellets, until they break in half and feed the halves to the ones who can't eat a whole one yet. It may help him eat it if it's too large.
Otherwise, it's just going to be a waiting game until he figures out how food is fed to him. Can take days to weeks for it to happen, just have a little patience and keep offering :)
I agree with the above. My betta did the same thing for about 5 days. I switches to Hikari Beta pellets and now he pigs out on them. I accidentally put in about 10 pellets one day and he ate them all, inabout 30 seconds! He was eating two at a time! Just give him some adjustment time and he will be fine.
Well, maybe he's still getting used to his new home... I have a betta (Admiral Apocalypse) and I've had him for months now and I can't get him to eat anything except pellets. I've tried freezed-dried bloodworms, frozen bloodworms, flakes... and the only thing he wants to eat are the pellets. Maybe you just need to find what he likes.

Also the can act a little lethargic/stop eating if the temp is too low in the tank. Do you have a heater? Because that's EXTREMELY important (and a thermometer), except if you keep you house at 80 (the water will always be a little colder than the inside of the room the tank is in).
Betta fish need time to adjust to their new enviroment, don't worry!
If he spits them out, you could try pre-soaking them in a little cup of water and then feeding. Making them soft tends to make it easier for them to chew :)
It would be better to cut in half then pre-soak.. as soon as the pellets (or most of their food as it is) hits the water they start to leach out minerals, nutrients and water soluble vitamins.. so soaking prior will just make them less nutritious.

I use my thumb nail to break a pellet down, or a thin knife.. if the food is small enough, then they don't have to break off pieces on their own.
There are pros and cons to both. :)

If you don't pre-soak, the pellets can expand in the stomach and create a minor case of constipation or sbd in some fish that are more suseptable to those.
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