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I've had my first betta for almost a year now and he seems to be doing well. The tank I originally got him isn't though. So I've been looking at other tank options for him. I know the whole 5 gallon schpiel but I just don't have that kind of room in a dorm. I currently have a 2.5 gallon tank and am looking for something around that size.
These were some I was looking into:

Is one brand any better than another? If there are other tanks than you have found to be great at this size please let me know! Thanks.
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Those all seem decent. I've seen them all mentioned on here except for the first, rounded one.

This is also one that a lot of people have and like:
I have a Marineland Crescent that looks almost the same as the Tetra one you have on the third link, and while its okay, I wouldnt recommend it. Mine likes to creak at me when im refilling water and where the light clamp is on top likes to break since its acrylic. Mine has just a small crack, but I dont move mine much. Dorm living, where you'd likely be moving it while your on break, probably wouldnt let it hold up well. is something i've seen recommended as a small tank before, though I dont have one personally.
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