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Hello. One of my two betta fish has a swollen side and is not moving much. She also has not tried to eat any food I put in her hospital tank. She has trouble swimming such as she can not turn correctly or move properly because her left side is swollen. I first I thought it was constipation because my fish has suffered from this before but fasting (2 days so far), daphnia, the pea trick has not worked. Her abdomen is not swollen rather her sides seem to be, her left side more than her right.

She had some fungal infection that has been cured with Pimafix by API and I have been using API Bettafix in her hospital tank to try to relieve the swelling it is bacterial. She has been like this for a week and I do not know what else to do. I have used Epsom salt to try to relieve the swelling. I tried it one day for 15 minutes and another day for 10 minutes and not has worked. Any suggestions on how to treat this? Should I get antibiotics?

Is your tank cycled? (are you familiar with the cycling process ?): It was. I completely washed the normal tank to ensure that any fungal or bacterial infection was gone. My betta fish is currently in a hospital tank
Are you testing your water with a liquid test kit (like the API test kit) or dipsticks? I tested the water before washing the normal tank with API dipsticks

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

pH: 6.0

KH: 40

GH: 30

Temperature: 74 Fahrenheit
Are you using a heater? Yes in the normal tank. Hospital tank does not have a heater
Are you using any aeration/bubbler? No

Water change amount/frequency: Once a week

Tank size/how long in operation: 2 gallons. 4 months

Filtration: None

Water additives/conditioners/pH adjusters: I use aqueon water conditioner for the hospital tank and in the normal tank

What, how much and how often are the fish/frogs fed: Once a day. Altering between pellets and freeze dried bloodworms. One day of fasting or Daphina.

Tank inhabitants (number, size, and type of fish/frogs): One female betta fish. I do also have another female betta fish in another tank who this doing fine.

New additions/changes to the tank: I have rewashed the normal tank to kill off bacteria or fungus in it. She is currently in a hospital tank that has been treated with Pimafix and Bettafix

Unusual findings on the fish/frog: Swollen side. left side more than right. Not being able to swim properly. Stays still because of the swollen left side. Is not eating food as of recently.

Unusual behavior: She gasped for air at the surface. Does not move much and has not eaten food in the last three days.

Medications/what has been tried or done so far: Pimafix, Epsom salt bath, and Bettafix
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