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:roll: I can understand your desire to have variety -- BUT it seems in my situation, that the more variety I give my betta, the pickier they become [3 male:1 crown, 2 veil; 5 ladies: 1 blue{Trouble is the oldest!- about 1 1/2}, 2 crowns{sisters, I believe}, 2 "orange/white" ladies{spunky & my new baby}. Spunky is making babies inside herself , I think, and doesn't understand what is happening and has been off her feed a bit. Trouble enjoys her blood worms, brine shrimp and red pellets. "Lips{the male crown tail, he has neon light blue lips,:lol: } likes the b.w. and red pellets, Ruby{blue, male v.t.} llooooovvvees he red pellets and b.w., Feisty likes to watch his figure, and 25, 10 week old cross bred babies{Ruby/Hootchie,c.t.}
I am thinking about getting some beef heart as a protein source and a kind of t-bone steak for all of them.
Any ideas???

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