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Betta Genetics Example: Black HMPK x Blue HMPK

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I put together a small diagram showing an example of line breeding. The goal is a blue-based superblack halfmoon plakat, starting with a black male from a solid line, and a blue female from a solid line. Once you breed the two, you have a spawn that are 100% blue with the black genotype, and once you breed the best female F1 back to her father, you should get around 50% black and 50% blue with black genotype. Hope this makes sense for everyone!!

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Yes but when u cross it to black or white you must know which one to pick
U won't cross a royal to a white n a steel to a black
Dark goes with dark and light with light
The out cross from a royalxblack will be totally different from a steelxblack
They're both blue but the fish won't look the same
That's why the shade of blue really matter in this breeding
Cause in black u will have to select the darkest female to breed back to the dad
To achieve the goal of black
Dealing with recessive color
U can always produce the color u want in the f3 with line breeding
Doesn't matter what color u choose as a female
color n tail is pretty much the same
except anything that have to do with hm of any type
if it dominate then it will pop up
n if its recessive then you just have to breed the f1 to the r parent n it will show up again
or f1 to a f1 and you will get 25% r 50%dr 25%d
and vt will just mess everything up
to hard to fix a line if you cross it to vt
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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