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Betta Genetics Example: Black HMPK x Blue HMPK

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I put together a small diagram showing an example of line breeding. The goal is a blue-based superblack halfmoon plakat, starting with a black male from a solid line, and a blue female from a solid line. Once you breed the two, you have a spawn that are 100% blue with the black genotype, and once you breed the best female F1 back to her father, you should get around 50% black and 50% blue with black genotype. Hope this makes sense for everyone!!

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Punnet square
Haven't seen that for awhile
It only work if you know the background of the Bloodline(family tree) of the breeding pair
If your just basing on the information on how the fish look like
Sometime the pair will throw u an odd ball color fish that u didn't expect

Exactly. :) Note how it says "True black" and "True blue" in the top left corner. "True," meaning a solid line of the same genetics. I see a lot of people buying the same colored fish at the pet store expecting to get the same colored offspring, and they get surprised with a tank full of fry that are all different colors. Teehee.
It doesn't matter if you choose the royal blue or steel blue female from the bunch. All of them carry the superblack gene regardless, which means they are all 100% superblack genotypes. Since black is recessive, breeding the offspring to its father will render superblacks- no matter what offspring you choose. It isn't like mixing paint, choosing a darker female will likely result the same as a lighter hued female, because their physical coloration is due to being blue phenotypes. :)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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