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Betta has scab on head?

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Today I looked and noticed my blue betta has a weird looking brown scab on his head. Yes, my betta's are in the same tank because the other tank broke. There's a divider in the middle, and the tank isn't small.[email protected]/6897361798/
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Good luck with ur betta guess maby try aquarium salt & api stress coat for a week 1teaspoon per gallon....
The coloration may be from the faucet water what kinda water conditioner do u use? The api stree coat has water conditionder in it as well....also check ur ph...I checked the faucet water from the local town I'm staying in and the ph is 8.2+ which isn't the best for the little buddys. 7.0 is the best
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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