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Long story short, I got my betta, Blushi, about 4 months ago and I kept him in a bowl. It seemed like he was unhappy so I moved him into a 10g filtered tank. I had no knowledge of the nitrogen cycle then before it was too late and I saw he had developed fin rot presumably from ammonia toxicity. I treated the tank with Furan 2 and aquarium salt which definitely helped and may have cured him, however while waiting for a fish in cycle to happen (I added 3 aponogeton bulbs and a marimu ball to help with ammonia), I noticed the fin rot was soon back. I tried clean water and more AQ salt while waiting for fish in cycle, however I decided it was time for a different approach with maracyn 2 in a quarantine tank. I was sure it worked or at least brought the infection down to a small area, so I added him back into his 10g after adding tetra safe start and showing 20ppm of nitratAs 0ppm NitrItes and 0 ammonia the day after adding it. I decided to keep the water extra clean to regrow his fins and did ~30% water changes and vacuuming the gravel every other day. to no avail.. 1 week later the fin rot is now back :evil: and test strips each day show ~2 PPM NitrIte and <10ppm NitrAte. I'm currently doing ~30-~40% water changes every day and even added another whole Safe Start yesterday to see if it would bring down nitrIte. Its almost to his body now and I'm worried. I've also caught him fin nipping and there are small wedge shapes missing from the end of his tail.

more info: the tank is planted with the 3 aponogeton, a fist sized bunch of java moss, marimu moss ball, and a finger sized stem of anacharis (they seem to be flourshing). recently bought 4 stems of anacharis from petco but had mostly dead leaves so I cut off the green part and took them out (I thought this caused the nitrite spike).

on a side note, I also fertilize using about 2 API root tabs. I saw they have ammonium salts and they throw off ammonia readings.

Most recent test strips few hours after water change:
Ammonia- between .25 and .5 PPM
Nitrate >10ppm
Nitrite ~1ppm
hardness 300ppm
Alkalinity ~180ppm
ph 7.4

anything helps, sorry for the tower of text, thanks!
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