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Hi my mustard gas betta has been acting out of the norm latley.

First, I have noticed that when he swims he would twitch, I mainly noticed this in his tail region.

When he is laying at the bottom of his tank or in his little pottery bowl that he loves, his back is curved to the left.

Although he is laying, he will get up to swim around a little and when he does swim most of the time he sims fine before settling back to the bottom. And he will kind of slide across the bottom of the tank to scoop up some pea and just to move around.

Also, his gills seems bright red and a little dark on the lining of them and on his "stomach fin"..I dont know the name for it.

After noticing this, I placed him in a tank a simular size to his previous one but slightly smaller. Also, I sprinkled some salt in the tank, placed some multi-purpose medicine in (stirred it before Trip was in the tank) and put little mashed pieces of a pea at the bottom.

I bought Trip from Walmart, along with my other Bettas (who are not in the same tank, obviously.) And one of his gills when I bought him was slightly smaller than the other one, so more eternal gill is exposed and I believed more prone to getting infected.
I know most Walmart/Meijer fish aren't the healtiest but I like rescuing them from those sad, dirty containers and thier death beds.
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