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Okay, I know it might not be a disease, but it's still important. My betta PK, has been acting sluggish for the last couple days. I just cleaned him today. He's a very happy fish even if he lives in a small tank. I play with him to stop him from feeling depressed and lonely.

Anyways, his symptoms are: slugishness, slow reaction time and he's sticking his left fin out and letting it hang awkwardly when idle.

Could he have pulled a muscle or torn a ligament? He's very active. The other day after playing with him, whilst settling into bed, I heard a loud ping sound coming from his tank. Could he have injured himself? I hope it isn't a hidden disease or broken bone.

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How long have you had him?

How big is the tank?

Is it cycled?

Is it heated? what temperature?

:) Just to get a good understanding of his environment.
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