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Howdy all,

Just got a new PetCo 6.6 gal bookcase tank for my betta, Danube. He's been swimming and exploring and he's blown a few bubble nests which I take to mean he approves of the tank.

One night, while I was up late I heard some splashing from the filter but didn't pay it any mind. I heard more splashing a little bit later and thought the filter was flooding out and rushed to the tank. Everything looked fine, no spilled water, no nothing, so I didn't pay it any mind. The second night I was up late, I heard the splashing again, ran to to tank and saw my poor little Danube in the filter overflow. I quickly unplugged the pump, pulled out the filter carefully so it wouldn't scratch him, and then slowly poured him back out into the aquarium.

I lowered the water level drastically so that he wouldn't be able to jump back in, but now I can see the water level below the trim and the tank doesn't look as nice. He had never done this during the day but I see him hanging out by the current caused by the filter overflow. It's a pretty slow current so he can hang out in it pretty easily. I can increase the water flow, but I know Bettas don't like strong currents. I was wondering though if I can raise the water level, then increase the current so he doesn't jump back in. The tank is long enough (24"), and I put a tall fake silk plant in front of the overflow so the current slows when it hits the water, but it might be strong enough to prevent him from swimming/jumping back in. There is almost no current at the other end of the tank from the filter.

Am I doing the right thing increasing water level and current flow or should I just keep the water level and current at low levels?
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