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Betta losing colour --

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Hi, er this is my first time owning a betta fish..
I have a male betta, veiltail, who is a dark blue colour.
Or was I suppose. I don't have any pictures of him because my tablet camera is really bad.
Anyways, he seems to be turning white in these spots. Also, one of his ventral fins is curled at the tip.

When I bought him I also got a Aqueon Betta Puzzle Aquarium Kit thinking it'd be good for him.

The Kit
1. Half gallon Aquarium with lid
2. Aqueon Betta Pellets [trial size]
3. Betta Bowl plus, water care sample
4. Plastic tree
5. Gravel

There is no heater or filter.
The housing is bad i guess, but I'll be getting him a bigger tank.

The first thing I fed him was National Geographic Betta Flakes, but I switched to the betta food that came along with the kit. Recently he's had a few freeze dried worms and Daphnia. I'm going to be fasting him the rest of today and tomorrow, don't want him stuffed :^P

I'm not sure if he's stressed or not, he seems to be acting quite normal. The first time I tried to interact with him he ran away lol.
Now he's a bit more relaxed about things and he's been building bubblenests. I've also taken him outside when it was sunny-

One other thing-
There was a string of cobwebby stuff that had been hanging on him this morning. When he'd swam by his little tree and some of the stuff had caught i guess ?? Not sure what it is but I've taken his tree out. Might want to put it back though since he likes it.
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The areas you highlighted are a mix of things.

Bailmint's recommendations are spot on, but to ease your mind a few more things.

The white spines on his ventrals are a sign your man is having a growth spurt. Fins will grow with white spikes, clear fins and then the color will fill in over the top. Most fish are sld from stores at six months to a year, so he still has a lot more fin to grow, some can double their fin length in no time.

The slimy stuff might have been his slime coat shedding, a layer of secretion fish make that protects their scales and keeps them slippery so they dont scratch on every little thing. If he was recently handled (human skin oils will damage the slime coat) or was knocked about during the move he would need to regrow a fresh one.

The tiny mark I cannot see, are you pointing to a loose or missing scale? if so dont worry, it will grow back in no time, he might have just scratched his head and is shedding it
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