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It's been a while since I have graced this board with my presence, but I have a question that I know you guys will be able to answer! :D

This week I plan on getting a few betta's from some lfs', however, every time I've bought from these stores the fish have died, within 2 days of purchase!!

Why do I keep buying from them, I hear you ask? Well, these stores have the nicest fish from all of the lfs' around me, they just refuse to look after them properly and since I have a few quid handy, figured I save the little blighters! :D plus I have a few tanks that could do with a betta! :D

It's guaranteed that when I purchase the betta's they will have fin rot, or some other hidden diseases, that I would like to eliminate asap!! Aquarium salt is a pain in the neck and it doesn't work fast enough, so I'm after the good but effective solution. I know people don't recommend any of the API, bettafix, melafix, pimafix, etc, so what else is there?

Thank you :)
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