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Betta Need Help

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Hello I am new and would like to get some help with my betta. We had the betta who name is maurice for my granddaughter for 2 1/2years never been sick until a this week. My daughter went to Petco and they sold her Betta Revive and we have been treating him for 4days now and change water as well. Not sure but he have white around his head. Aslo would like to know if Kosher Salt in his tank is ok for a 2 gal tank. He eat and try swim around some but still stay at the bottom of the tank. How long will it take for him to get back to being active? If you help me and let me know if I am treating with the right med I would be thankful. Here are the pix I took yesterday. Let me know what you think. We have a heater and treat water as well as test ph but I did not test the water for the kits everyone keep talking about but we have done everything else.


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I'm sorry to hear your granddaughter's little one is sick...

It's hard to tell with the pictures, but from your description it seems as if he can't swim properly.

Go ahead and remove him from betta revive, that really won't do much for him, and surprisingly, most betta owners stay away from it regardless of the name lol.
(Not blaming you, you were given advice that may or may not of been correct.)

Go ahead and put him in 2 tsp of Epsom Salt (unfragranced/undyed) per gallon of water, with your water conditioner.. (can use a water jug to mix it all up to make water changes easier).. you will want to do daily 100% water changes adding in the salt each time.. it can take 8-10 days before the Epsom will get him up and swimming again.

If the tank he is in is unfiltered, you can use that.. just lower the water level to about 3-4 inches to give him less of a distance to go up for air. If not, you can use a clean, soap residue free tupperware container to hold him in.. even the cup he came in if you still have it.

How big is his home tank?
How often and the % of water changes are normally made to it?
What is he eating, and how much?

He is a good age for a betta, so it may take him a bit before he gets back to being healthy.. I can't promise he will, as unsure exactly what is going on with him other then the light belly and not able to swim.
Was it suddenly he couldn't swim? Or was he swimming sideways, tilting, struggling with his buoyancy prior? Are there any unusual lumps on his body? It could help determine what is ailing him..

As for the Kosher salt.. if this is a SBD problem, then the kosher salt could actually make things worse. Epsom Salt can be purchased at most pharmacies, or stores with pharmacies such as Walmart, for pretty cheap.
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Maurice tank is two gallon
The last four day I been changing 100 per of his water and washing the gravel in vinger and water.
He eat Hikari Betta Bio-Gold he would not eat anything else when we first brought him home so we stay with that and for treat we just start giving him blood worms.
He eat everyday

They gave us this Revive because he have white stuff aruound and under his head.

He swims but when he go back down he drag his body. I not sure why he is always now at the bottom of the tank. So do I keep him in his tank and add the Epson Salt because we have alot of that in the house.

He does't not respond that much when we tap on the glass you have to move the tank around to get him to respond or find his food. But he love to eat I do not care how sick he is or how hard it is for him to find it he will not go without eating.
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Sounds like you are a very caring person, and a great grandparent!

Go ahead and you can use his 2 gallon tank, if he is having trouble swimming to the top I would only fill it to about a gallon so he has less of a swim to get to the surface for air.

Is the white stuff like fuzz, or cottony? Possibly like a milky substance? Or is it just his scales that have turned color?
look like it is ashey looking they said it could be a funges or something not very sure just around his face and mouth and his body is discoloring
So do I put 2 tsp of epson salt in the 2gal tank
It may be from the stress... if it was fungus you would see a cottony growth on it.

Lets see if the Epsom Salt helps him out any.. if by the 5th day he isn't doing any better let us know and we can go from there.
thank you for everything have a bless evening
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