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Betta not responding to treatments?

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Hi, I have posted a thread a week or two ago about my male betta. (Link: ) I have tried giving him peas and giving him epsom soaks. I have not gotten a result yet. He has been treated with the following:

- Melafix
- Splendid Betta Water Conditioner
- Betta Fix
- QuICK Cure
- Epsom Soak
- Peas
- Fasting

He has been having normal bowel movements. Any more help would be greatly appreciated. He's still swimming around normally and blowing bubble nests. I have also attached a couple more pictures. Is there another way to treat him? Should I just leave him alone for now since he's acting normally? Thank you!


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holy.... How's his poo look? stringy? white? broken? translucent?
Stringy. Some of it is kind of broken. The color seems to be normal. He's been eating normally.
Try picking up a med with a good amount of metronidazole or praziquantel and mixing it in his food. I think he has internal parasites. :/
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The QuICK cure supposedly treated parasites. His bulge is translucent. I do see a string floating in there. I let it be since I thought it was his intestines.
I agree with Olympia.

Quick cures, and anything with FIX is more aimed at "everything" than "something". I like things that actually say "ich medicine" and "anti-parasite" only because it is aimed particularily at that one thing. If he still eats, an anti parasite food is best.
Thanks. Is there a certain brand you guys suggest or just anything at the store containing metronidazole or praziquantel? I have been giving him regular pellets and the occasional pea since he refuses to eat anything else (bloodworms, flakes, etc.)
Metro+ or a product made by seachem both are just the metrodinazole, it's a powder and you can mix it in a bag with food and shake it.
Not sure about the praziquantel, it's a pretty common ingredient too.
Jungle labs uses metrodinazole in their parasite cure, but if they have the pure stuff I'd take that if you can find it.
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I'd stop the peas for now, mainly because because it does not digest, it "pushes" everything out. Unfortunately, a parasite blocks the digestive track, causing what you see in your betta - severe bloat differing from SBD. Their bodies may also get very skinny because of lack of nutrition
Thank you. I have only given him peas once or twice since I suspected constipation and heard it added moisture to his diet. I will pick up the medicine first thing tomorrow and see if that works. Is it safe to use with other antibiotics?
What are you using currently for antibiotics?
At the moment, Melafix and the Quick Cure. I have just finished the 7 day treatment with the Melafix today.
Hmm ok not sure on the quick cure since we don't have it here. Olympia could tell you perhaps =D
Quick cure by Mardel?
The ingredients I looked up say formalin and malachite green, these are for external parasites and problems and really will be ineffective. You need one of the medications listed earlier, which will kill the internal parasites, preferably fed right to the fish.
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Thank you. His bulge seems to be filled with fluid though. Should that go away once I treat him with the anti parasitic medicine?
Well the parasite is blocking the digestive track, once it is passed/dies, he should be on the road to recovery. Epsom salt may be needed however to help draw fluid out... If you've used it recently, I'd wait I think about 10-14 days before use.
Yes, the parasites wouldn't be one solid clump, but lots of tiny things that can move around and look fluidy.
That's so gross sounding. :)
He should start pooping out lots of parasites during treatment.
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If you do find anti-parasite stuff in a pet store, can you post what you find and where? When I looked, none of the pet stores around me were carrying the Jungle Labs parasite cure food any more (maybe they discontinued it or something?). I could only find medicated flakes at AngelsPlus:
I've had to use Jungle Fizz Tabs for internal parasites before, and it did work...
Thank you guys so much! If I do find it at a local store, I'll post it. I have currently 5 fish stores near me. Hopefully ONE of them should have what I need. Should I change his tank everyday when he starts to poop out the parasites? I've been changing it weekly.
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