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Betta Ocellata pair for sale

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I have a young pair of betta ocellata for sale. These guys are just under a year old and eating anything I put in the tank. Their normal diet is live white worms and frozen brine shrimp. These guys get about 4-5 in TL and need at least a 20 gallon long with a completely covered top.

These guys are a bit small. I had to raise them in a smaller growout while younger since I have had some sickness issues earlier in the year in my larger tanks. They are 2+ in TL and growing.

Price: $20
Shipping: $15 priority or $35 express with the USPS. LAG with express option ONLY.


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These still available ?
The original post is from 2015, and the last forum activity by that user was in 2016, so I don’t think you’ll get a response. Sorry.
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