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Did this behavior start around the time his fins were fully mature? I have found that Betta with such heavy caudal fins tend to do more resting than moving.

As noted above, flaring will help along with exercise. Current is a good way to get them to exercise. If yours is a hang on back, set the flow up so there's some surface current. Not a lot; just some. Every week or so turn it up a notch. The goal is to have good current but not enough to blow him around the tank. He should have calm areas to rest and eat. I have found my Betta seem to like swimming against the current or swimming over to it and letting it push them down. I know it's on purpose as I've watched them do it. A bubble wand is another thing mine enjoyed using.

Another help would be plants which float near the top. I like Narrow Leaf Anacharis or Hornwort. Anubias can be floated at well. These give him places to rest and provide shade.

He's sure a beauty and your care is spot-on and a great example of how to keep Betta long-lived. Thanks for sharing.
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