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These are all my bettas! I 6 in total!

This is Sigma, he is a Halfmoon King betta. I think he’s a fancy marble but not entirely sure. He’s a feisty little guy and one of my oldest bettas, just unsure of his age maybe roughly over a year old.

This boy is one of my newer boys, his name is Dante and he’s a Hellboy Halfmoon Plakat. He’s only 3 months old. He does have a star tail but I have to get a picture of him flaring.

This big boy is one of two true giant bettas I have, his name is Arbiter/Thel. He’s a Nemo Candy Copper and he is missing one of his ventral fins but that adds to his character! I believe he’s only 4 months old so he still has some growing to do.

This boy is Theta and he’s a fancy marble Halfmoon plakat. He originally had more blue on him now he’s more pink/red and he is 6-7 months old.

This big boy is the other true giant betta I have. His name is Simmons and he’s a super red. He’s a bit of a jerk to his snail friend but he leaves the snail alone now.

This is Rufus, he’s a yellow marble, I thought he was a yellow dragon till he started to marble. He’s roughly 3 months old. I wonder if he’ll turn a solid blue with yellow fins.

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