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Oh it's always so much fun to see everyone else's kiddos!!!
Every Betta is precious, but I think you've all got some of the best!!

Of course, I'm bias, and my boys are the best (sorry :LOL:) but here are my current babies!
These are older/not necessarily recent pics, but none of them have changed lol

This is Kristobal! My oldest currently, and one of my CTs.
Plant Fish supply Organism Terrestrial plant Pet supply

This is Moroz Rosett! Think he's a feathertail, not quite sure. He's also my pfp kid.
Plant Green Botany Organism Terrestrial plant

This is Jalaluddin! Well, his legal name is Jalaluddin. He's more commonly called Bubble Eyes though. And my other CT!
Plant Light Green Leaf vegetable Grass

This is Inaiyau! He was a rose tail originally, but he's had some fin biting episodes.
Fin Purple Fish Marine biology Underwater

This is Santiago! My little greeter. Everyone who enters and exits our kingdom (read room) must greet him and get his approval. If you do not, you get stared at.
Cloud Plant Flower Sky Petal

And last but far from least, is Vanek! My one-eyed but right hand man. Well, runner up. He's gotta sort that out with Santiago first. My calm guy, and also my watcher. While Santiago greets, Vanek watches. Nothing escapes his watchful eye.
Purple Organism Sky Violet Petal
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