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SouthAfrica, you and Rustyness and Lindsay have the most beautiful bettas I've ever seen! Just gorgeous!! Love that mix of red/blue/pink/purple and every color in between. Eye popping!

Mine was a gorgeous turquoise color until he got out of his dixie cup and got to swim around and eat. Now he is just a royal blue one, but still my baby.

Now, I have a stupid question (but the only question stupider is the one not asked, right?) LOL :wink:

How in the world do you guys get such good, clear pictures of your fish? I have tried countless times and you see a blur or colored blob. Is it the quality of the camera or the skill of the photographer or is there a trick?

Also, I have a beautiful snap of my system, but can't get it to load.......not even as an avatar. I know how to load pictures, so is this something I have to wait to be able to do (like with the chat)?

Beautiful fish, everyone. Sorry, these bettas just caught my eye because I love them so much and feel so sorry for them and I have never seen any in these colors. I want one! LOL.

Happy Holidays!!
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