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Oh it's always so much fun to see everyone else's kiddos!!!
Every Betta is precious, but I think you've all got some of the best!!

Of course, I'm bias, and my boys are the best (sorry :LOL:) but here are my current babies!
These are older/not necessarily recent pics, but none of them have changed lol

This is Kristobal! My oldest currently, and one of my CTs.
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This is Moroz Rosett! Think he's a feathertail, not quite sure. He's also my pfp kid.
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This is Jalaluddin! Well, his legal name is Jalaluddin. He's more commonly called Bubble Eyes though. And my other CT!
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This is Inaiyau! He was a rose tail originally, but he's had some fin biting episodes.
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This is Santiago! My little greeter. Everyone who enters and exits our kingdom (read room) must greet him and get his approval. If you do not, you get stared at.
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And last but far from least, is Vanek! My one-eyed but right hand man. Well, runner up. He's gotta sort that out with Santiago first. My calm guy, and also my watcher. While Santiago greets, Vanek watches. Nothing escapes his watchful eye.
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He is gorgeous! Love his yellow "highlights."

Wish more people would share their Betta with us in this thread. It's fun going back and seeing the different ones and how colors have morphed. Plus, it keeps these wonderful photos at the top of the queue instead of sinking. Oh, well. :)

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Hi all,
I just added the 2nd male fish, I bought it because I find the lite metallic green on the body seems quite unique to me. Its not as nice looking as the blue one above though.
The multi colour lighting is quite annoying as it doesn’t allow me to photo the fish in white light. Please pardon me on this.
Thank you for viewing.
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Just found this thread!

Here is Neptune, who passed away last year:

Bird Fish Pet supply Beak Pollinator

Tinty, who passed away early March:

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Opal, my current male betta:

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And last but not least, Luna, my current female:

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Here are a few pics of some of the bettas that I have had over the years...

This is Sunny, my Wal-Mart rescue, and my most favorite little guy...

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Here is my girl Gracie....

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Here is my girl Mercy....

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Here is my current betta, Flash, when I first got him

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And here is Flash now, a full grown big ole boy!!!

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